Chedech clearance sale NOW $2500 each

Chedech carbon folding bike, usual $2990 NOW $2500. 18 wheels, 5-speed Sturmey Archer internal hubgear on (of course) a carbon fibre folding frame. A performance commuter that sprints and climbs hills at ease, and easy to carry around at only 9.69kg! Also available in blue wrap decal for $2600. Offer available now at our shops BRU@Yishun and

Hello April, arrival of Chedech and preorders for Tern Verge S8i

We are just started with the month of April, and we are already chock full of happenings! First is the arrival of Chedech stocks at our shops. This carbon folding bicycle from Korea – with the 5-speed Sturmey Archer internal hub, 18-inch wheels, weighing in at 9.69kg – promises to give the exhilarating mix of commuting ease