*update: BRUcare membership is now revised from 12 months to 24 months, only to first owner of the bike and is no longer transferable. There is no need to change your card for a new one, all revised privileges are applied effective from your date of purchase.


When you purchase a bike from BRU, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the bike, you also get a BRUcare card, which gives you 24-month membership for your registered bike, during which:

  • You get complimentary adjustments for the bike for the first 24 months, just bring it in to the shop and present your card to our staff.
  • You also get up to 10 free inner tube change in the unfortunate event your burst your tire (the tube change got to be done at our shop).
  • You also get to be invited to workshops and events that we conduct, and enjoy member promos and specials that we do from time to time.


Please note tuning and adjustments do not amount to servicing, that is a separate service which is chargeable depending on the extent of servicing done. However, rest assured that bike servicing, unlike say car servicing, is something that is done on an as-need basis. We will assess your bike when you bring in to determine if servicing is needed or all that you need is adjustment and some light lubrication. As a general guide, most people do not need servicing if the bike is well-maintained and kept clean, servicing will only be needed a couple of years down the road.



All this, so you have added peace of mind when you buy a bike from us, especially if you are a first-time owner!

BRU cares…. with the BRUcare card!



** Please note that the manufacturer’s warranty on the bike is not transferable. This only stays with the first owner of any bike and ceases once the bike registered to the owner is sold. Card and membership is not transferable.