10986636_347960342061563_3272868072816722807_nStarted as a group of guys who joked about this “X r Us” and looking around, we have an interest in alot of stuff that starts with the alphabet “B”. Business, Bikes, Beauty, Books, Butterflies, Budding artistes and designers…So we decide finally call ourselves B-R-Us

At BRU, we are not just a good bicycle shop. We are going to be a bicycle shop that does good. So beyond being good at our business, we are going to use our business to do good. From supporting local businesses and talent to the community at large, we will seek out worthy social causes.


art“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” – James Thurber

They just want to be left alone in their own beauty, doesn’t it? Here @ BRU, we understand that all too well. But as we try to appreciate the beauty that is this world, we’ll try to find the next best things and introduce them to you. So you see art instead of bike pictures and even furniture, we try to be different.

At BRU, we care about your holistic wellness. Every product is showcased and offered to you because we believe that it would contribute to your overall well-being in some way. There is no single magic pill, but a bit of everything good counts towards achieving that. So come down today and see what you can take home.

Got a cause you think we can work on? Get in touch with us! Send us an email to ideas@bru.com.sg

BRU – outlet.ideas.creativity.

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