9-speed drivetrains – Is there still a place for them?

With most mid-range bicycle models today featuring a 8-speed drivetrain (think Dahon Speed Horize, Vitesse D8, Tern Link C8, D8, N8 and Verge N8) and entry-level performance bicycle models starting at 10-speed drivetrain (Tern Verge X10, Dahon Mu D10, Tyrell FX) – Is there still place for a 9-speed drivetrain?

The quick answer is – Yes. The most obvious advantage of a 9-speed drivetrain is price, what this typically means is that manufacturers are able to put together a package that is better in specs than a 8-speed model, yet without reaching into the price levels that a 10-speed model would command. This production cost savings allow manufacturers to offer a value price model, either in the form of an outright lower price, or a bicycle model with added frills, aesthetics, finishing or components.

Some examples would be:

Dahon Mu P9

Dahon based this model on the performance lightweight series Mu frame, but with a Shimano Altus 9-speed trigger shift drivetrain, allowing the Mu P9 to reside at a price point below its higher-specced siblings like the Mu SLX, Mu SL10 and Mu D10. Dahon has also managed to use the production cost savings to give the Mu P9 a better aesthetic finish – the aluminium welds on the Mu P9 frame are buffed off for a smooth clean finish only seen on the high-end Mu SLX.

Price – RRP $1050 and now get a Dahon Sherpa bag FREE with every purchase


Bickerton 1909

The Bickerton 1909 is a prime example of a luxurious model in a value package. The chrome aluminium finish is eye-catching and turns heads wherever it goes, but the enjoyment is really in the rider – Ergon Biokork handgrips and Rido R2 saddle not just accentuates the bicycle, but gives the rider ergonomic support in the hands and perineal area for all-day comfort. Bickerton has also fitted Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires as stock for a real supple feeling in the rubber, and this bike doesn’t just look good – The Shimano Alivio/Sora 9-speed drivetrain is mated with a 55T FSA Vero crank to deliver a powerful transmission. And if all that is still not enough – ask for the option with Brooks B17 saddle.

Price – RRP $1099 and now $999 for a limited period and now get a Bickerton Transport Bag FREE with every purchase


Tyrell IVE

The IVE is Tyrell’s latest addition to its product lineup and its offering for an urban commute lifestyle. The user needs for such a cycling category would be for a reliable, quick and easy folding bike, for cruising speeds of average 15-20km/h with sufficient gears for an occasional burst speed. Tyrell’s master designer and founder M.Hirose has shrewdly paired a Shimano Sora 9-speed drivetrain with the IVE’s solid and velvety smooth chromoly steel frame, as the answer for a reliable drivetrain that can withstand the demands of everyday commuting and with just the right amount of gears for the needed travelling speeds.



Price – RRP $1900 and now get a rear rack built for IVE worth $130 FREE with every purchase


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