Kiffy trike – French-designed adult trike

Kiffy Trike, the French-designed adult trike (that’s tricycle + bike), is here in Singapore and available now at our shops.

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12321601_977201919037149_6156111515155359980_nStylish and practical at the same time, the Kiffy trike weighs slightly over 13kg and can carry a cargo up to 30kg on its front loader plate. The clever front “swing system” suspension means it not only provides suspension over bumps on the road, it allows the Kiffy trike to tilt like a regular bike, providing stability even on slopes and enabling a small turning radius so the Kiffy is agile to move around, even on cycling paths and park connectors.

Indeed, the Kiffy is only 22-inches wide at the front but can turn corners with as much ease as a regular bicycle and carry cargo at the same time, making this trike super cool and fun to ride at the same time. 3 wheels also mean it is suitable for those who do not know how to ride, or want increased confidence when they ride around.

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And that’s not all. The Kiffy separates into half for an easy storage solution, the back half drops into a small shelf between the two front wheels, creating a compact package that only takes up less than two square feet. When separated, the front half can also be used as a push-cart (2 auxiliary small wheels drop out so the front half can stand on its own), and you can now either attach the back half onto the shelf of the front half; or leave it secured to a bike rack. Talk about practicality!

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A simple and clean design, the Kiffy has a 2-speed automatic hubgear so you have nice gear ratios whether you are carrying a full load or riding unladen (we’ll call it work and fun mode) and a hydraulic disc brake for stopping power.

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Comes in colours orange, black and white; with front loader plate colours of white, black, blue, red and orange. Priced at $2990. Available now at both our shops BRU@Yishun and BRU2@Frankel, demo bikes available for viewing and trying. Come see them today!


Framework Aluminium
Wheels : 20 inches
Front brakes : hydraulic brakes disc with distributor
Rear Brakes : retro appeal
Transmission : Chain
Speed : 2-speed integral rear hub gears
Weight : Flash 2 speeds version: 13 kg
Pédals : Foldable
Dimensions folded KIFFY : 53 cm x 57 cm = footprint of 0.30

Find more peeks and info from the local brand page:!kiffy/s6g4e