Bicycles – Foldables and Portables

Foldable bicycles are practical to own in densely-populated cities, like Singapore. They provide one of the link in inter-nodal transport, e.g. when you travel by train and it links you from your home to the station, or what we call the first or last mile. But you don’t have to lock it at the train station for you to go back to at the end of the day (or horrors, no bike left to go back to because it is no longer where you left it), you can fold it and take it with you on the train and to your destination!

The ability to fold down also translates to storage space savings, so for those of us who will value every extra space we have in our apartments, a foldable bicycle can be packed and tucked away from sight.

Foldable bicycles are portable, so other than multi-nodal transport options, they let you travel greater distances that you may not usually think of with a traditional bicycle. I am talking about touring options, be it on a local scale where you can take the foldie onto a train to explore a different part of Singapore, or even pack it into a suitcase and take it with you to explore another country!

Also, with the small storage footprint, this means when you transport a foldie in a car, you pack it into the boot. No more bike racks!

Here @ BRU, we have convinced a few bicycle brands to appoint us as their flagship store.  These brands of foldable and portable bicycles are quality brands that would give you value for your money and many long hours of riding enjoyment. Whether you are looking for a leisure or recreational ride, commute from place to place, exercise and fitness, or sports performance; there will be a bike for you from our flagship brands – Dahon, Tyrell, Airnimal, Moulton (and still more to come!).

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So come on down to our shop and see what our bike specialists can match you with!